My character, Sithmaith (Hope it's alright, first time I try this)

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My character, Sithmaith (Hope it's alright, first time I try this)

Post  Sithmaith on Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:21 pm

Name: Sithmaith
Aliases: Aileen Doyle
Age: looks 20-ish; it's actually around 200
Type of monster: elf
Power: elven magic
Weapon: bow and quiver;
Strength on a scale of 1-10: 4
Speed/Agility: 9+
Wisdom: 7
RP Example: The deep forest shined in the morning light, for a moment all calm and tranquil, looking like a paradise long carved. Loud footsteps could be heard, just as a pack of wolves ran through the thick forest. Hair the color of flame waved in the air as a petite woman ran with them, easily avoiding the fallen logs. They all stopped as the forest finished with a cascade. The petite woman came in front of the pack, looking down. A grin was plastered on her face, her emerald eyes sparkling with mischief and she turned around, facing the wolves "See you down" She leaned back, closing her eyes and falling. Soon after, a splash could be heard as she dived in the clean lake, only for seconds later to break to the surface laughing.

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