Molly comin' your way~ (I think I'm doing this right)

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Molly comin' your way~ (I think I'm doing this right)  Empty Molly comin' your way~ (I think I'm doing this right)

Post  Molly_Maghone on Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:54 am

Name: Molly Maghone
Aliases: Mila, Mary.
Race: Irish
Age: 21
Height: 4'11
Hometown: She was born in Cork.
Looks: Long black hair, short,. Piercing green eyes, pale skin.
Weapons: She carries a silver dagger and a small pistol, with some salt and holy water.
What fake I.D's does your hunter carry?: She carries a fake FBI badge.
History (1 paragraph): Molly grew up in Cork, Ireland. Her father received a job over in America when she was 17, and she went with her parents. She was at college one day when she was nearly killed by a Wendigo, and some hunters saved her. Feeling that she would prefer to hunt monsters she dropped out of community college to hit the road.
RP Example: Molly narrowed her eyes, trying to adjust to the gloom that seemed to loom around her. She'd gotten wind of a vengeful spirit, and with all the weird things going down right now, something familiar was a welcome change of pace. Something brushed past her arm and the hunter jumped, though she realized it was just a tree. She wanted to burn the body and get this over with, when she was suddenly thrown against a grave. Feeling a little dazed she froze as the thing rapidly advanced towards her, Molly quickly staggered to her feet, trying to slip her iron knuckles on to distract the spirit.


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