new character (i'm new to this forgive me!)

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new character (i'm new to this forgive me!) Empty new character (i'm new to this forgive me!)

Post  lol-jerk on Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:10 pm

Name: Cecilia
Race: "plain" angel (lowest on the Christian angelic hierarchy)
Vessel: Wynne Brooke. 22 year old student from New York. Devout Christian.
Appearance of vessel: short honey brown hair, bright hazel eyes, small frame, 5'1
History: Being a plain angel, Cecilia has more human tendencies than higher forms of angels. She was human before becoming an angel so she's more compassionate. On the surface she's rather naive, but she tends to be practical and caring, though sometimes a little pessimistic. She delivers messages to Sam and Dean and helps to guide and protect them.
RP Example: "Wynne Brooke" muttered Cecilia as she scrutinized the vessel. "Such a funny looking kid...but she'll do for now".

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