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The Rules for This Site Empty The Rules for This Site

Post  SammyWinchester<3 on Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:01 pm

Please Read!
-Listen to Admins, Staff, and Moderators
-No Swearing (Only swears allowed are Damn and Hell)
-No Sexual talk (and content; suggestive content is also bad)
-No kissing for more then 15 posts
-No Personal Info (ie: phone numbers posted in a topic)
-No text speech in posts (ie: lol i kicked the bucket, brb, l8r, ttyl)
-Don't tell anyone your password.
-No Harassing/threatening others
-No Spam
-No double posting unless it's been a while before something was posted in that topic.
-Use the edit button or delete button instead of posting another post for it will be considered spam
-No ruining the show for people.
-Don't beg people to join your site. It is annoying. Like mega annoying.
-Never make a second account after a permanent ban, we will find you!
- Have fun!


First time: Warning
Second time: One day ban
Third time: One week ban
Fourth time: One month ban
Fifth time: One year ban
Sixth time: Permanent ban

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