A New Acquaintance: Chapter 1

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A New Acquaintance: Chapter 1 Empty A New Acquaintance: Chapter 1

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A New Acquaintance
Chapter 1

It was a quiet morning. Which she hated. Melony loved action. Action and surprises. Her life consisted of both. Equally. Sometimes she wanted to be normal but sometimes it just felt right. It felt right to be someone people never heard about. A sort of secret society. However, everyone- every hunter- knew her name. Winchester. Melony Winchester. A long lost sister of Sam and Dean Winchester. The famous, the one and only Sam and Dean Winchester. Just recently she joined them in hunting after she found them in The Keys. Mel was enjoying a nice quiet vacation away from hunting where she ran into Dean. As usual he flirted and tried to reel her in. They shared some laughs and their names. She remembered that day distinctively. Dean said “Wait, Winchester? I’m Dean Winchester.” She stared at him in disbelief. “But... you...we. GAH!” She jumped up off of the curb and stared at him some more. “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” Dean stood up and tried to touch her but of course she shooed him away. Dean and Sam invited her to hunt with them and she accepted. Most of the trip was silent.

“Sam, you have a really long nose.” Mel announced. “Are you, like, Pinocchio or something?”

“Melony, shut up. That’s the third insult today. I think it’s time to stop.” Sam’s nostrils flared.

“When puppy’s nostrils are flared it is wise to turn and run. No matter how funny it may be, puppy is mad. Don’t make puppy mad.” Melony smiled. Dean chuckled.

Dean continued to drive while they kept silent. It was going to be a long night, they could tell.

two hours later

Melony snored as she rolled over in the back seat of the Impala.

“She may not know when to stop but she’s a great sister.”

“Sam, think about it. What happened with Adam? Huh? We can’t have that happen to Melony. This was stupid. She doesn’t deserve it. We can’t have her hunt with us. It’s a huge risk.”

Sam thought. He didn’t really like Adam and first. He felt a bad vibe from him. Melony, however, was a beautiful, sophisticated, independent, young lady who doesn’t take crap from nobody. There was one thing he wanted to know, however. Who was her parents? They didn’t even know her age. Was she John and Mary’s child like Sam and Dean? But how was that possible. She didn’t live with them. Was she put up for adoption? Or did John have her with another woman like he did with Adam? These thoughts turned around and around in Sam’s mind until he finally fell asleep.

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