My Characters...i hope this is right,lol

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My Characters...i hope this is right,lol Empty My Characters...i hope this is right,lol

Post  skyeblue5565 on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:08 am

Name:Jade Petrova
Height of meatsuit:5''4
Weapons:DAgger,SAwed Of Shot gun,machete,pistol
Looks of meatsuit:Dark red hair that is shoulder length and cut on a angle. Pale,with green eyes,and petite but curvy
History (1 paragraph):In 1498, Jade PEtrova Sold her soul to bring back her dead sister,who was 3 years younger (Jade was 16). she lived a fairly happy life after that for those 10 years,but started worrying around the end. she thought she was going crazy,and tried to convince herself it was gods work,she wasent going to hell,nothing would happen...but she was wrong. the hellhounds came for her,and she went to hell. after a short amount of time in the pit,she broke,it was even quicker then alastair imagined,and she took the knife to get off teh rack. Alastair likes to call her his daughter,and she pretends to go along with it. Jade was let out whent eh devils gate was opened in season 2,and she has been in hiding ever since,but now she is trying to track down dean and sam
RP Example:Jade sighed,and pushed her vessels hair behind her ear. She had just got to where she was told dean and sam where,to find out that they had left about 2 weeks ago. "this is going nowhere" Jade muttered to her self,and pinched the bridge of 'her' nose to try to calm her self. It was as hard enough as it was to even track Deana nd Sam,and she couldent even do it right. Jade packed up her stuff and left,hoping to find them soon

Name:Skyler Hale
Aliases: Natalie,Ace, Scarlett
Age:22(been a vampire for 7 years)
Type of monster:Vampire(who was a witch when she was shes a vampire with her witch powers)
Power:umm..witch powers i guess
Weapon:an Array of knifes,guns,and a few explosives
Strength on a scale of 1-10:8
RP Example:Skyler pressed down on the gas harder,trying to escape teh town she was in. A Few hunters,one who was really rall and one who was...undeiniably cute were on her trail,and from what sh ehas seen,she would not want to be in a violent situation with them. The second she saw them asking questions about things tha t where vampire realted,she had paniked..unfortuantly it was in their sight,and Skyler had made a stealthy escape,packed her few things and left. Yes,Skyler had killed some people,but it was out of teh need to feed. Its not like she tortured them,she gave them a quick, painless death, was probaly even doing them a favor. Skyler turned up linkin park on the the sound system to clear her head,and kept driving,as past and far as she can

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